Hamilton Chinese New Years Gala





Classical Film Music Concert 2017

2017-01-14     Roy Thompson Hall




Chinese Opera Association New Year's GalaйϷ





2017 Overseas Chinese Spring Festival Gala

2017-01-27     Sony Centre




2017 Rolia Chinese New Years Gala

2017-01-28     Markham Flato Theatre




Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards and Gala Night

2017-06-10     Metro Convention Centre




Canada National Television (CNTV) Canada 150 Celebration

2017-06-25     CNTV




 "Ode to Canada with Chinese Love"

2017-06-30     Toronto John Bassett Theatre




" Huaxing Art Troupe Summer Night"

2017-07-09     Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts




Canada 150 Celebration at the Amos Waites Park

2017-07-30     KCPA




"Kaleidoscopic Maple Land" Canada 150 Celebration Gala

2017-09-17 Mississauga Living Arts Centre




2017 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala

2017-10-15     P.C. Ho Theater in Scarborough



International Potluck Dinner Mississauga

2017-11-18     Discovery Community Church