"Kaleidoscopic Maple Land" Canada 150 Celebration Gala

Sept. 26, 2017 by Julian Zhao 51.ca Community News

Autumn is the harvest season. This year's autumn in Canada is even more glamorous and colorful. In this flowering and golden September, the Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts (KCPA), one of the most influential art groups in the Greater Toronto Area, presented a wonderful feast of Canada’s diverse arts and cultures to the local people. The “Kaleidoscopic Maple Land” Canada 150 Anniversary Celebration Gala hosted by KCPA was successfully held on September 17, 2017, at Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Hammerson Hall. Over 300 performers participated in the performances and more than one thousand audience members attended the show.


KPCA is a non-profit performing arts group registered in Ontario and sponsored by the government. It has more than 260 members who are actively engaged in cultural events at many venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area. It participates in many community events throughout the year and has a wide impact to the communities.


The “Kaleidoscopic Maple Land” Canada 150 Anniversary Celebration Gala included six chapters with a total of 20 acts. The six chapters are ‘Gathering Bliss’, ‘Cantabile Years, ‘Picturesque Land’, ‘Happy Life’, ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Ode to the Motherland’. The 20 acts are opening dance ‘Gathering Bliss’, Canadian National Anthem ‘O Canada’, instrumental and vocal show ‘Canadian Railway Trilogy’, contemporary dance ‘Legends of the New Homeland’, men’s choir ‘ You Raise Me Up’, dance ‘Picturesque Land’, French School Children’s dance ‘Blooming Flower’, songs medley ‘Beautiful Homeland’, song and dance ‘Good Land and Good Sons and Daughters’, Marshall Dane and his Band ‘Motorcycle and ‘Good Life’, children’s dance ‘Leaping Fish’, Indian Dance, Tibetan dance ‘Plateau’, Poland Folklore Dance, Face Off, women’s quartet ‘Joyful Singing and Dancing’, duet ‘The Prayer’, mixed choir ‘Canada, My Home’ and ‘Ode to the Motherland’. The Gala lasted more than two hours and was greatly applauded by the audience.

Opening dance: Gathering Bliss


The instrumental and vocal show ‘Canadian Railway Trilogy’ led by Louis Tsi, expressed the difficult journey of early Chinese immigrants who participated in the Canadian Pacific Railway construction. The show praised the great contribution of early immigrants to the Canadian industry. The vocal lyrics were rich and touching and brought the audience to tears.


Contemporary dance ‘Legends of the New Homeland’ was performed by choreographer and lead dancer Menglong Feng and other 12 KCPA dancers including Sheila Song, Zhongqing Teng and others. Their silky red costumes were elegant, their poses were graceful, their movements were bold and the stage style was splendid. The dance ‘Legends of the New Homeland’ was an original dance specially created by KCPA for the Canada 150 Anniversary Celebration. The dance expressed the contribution of new immigrants to the development of Canada and their love for this land.

Men’s Choir ‘You Raise Me Up’ was performed by 14 KCPA members including Kevin Jin, Tao Ying, Jianming Zhang, Ted Li and others. The song expressed gratitude, reflection and praise to the predecessors. It also inspired people to pursue success, overcome difficulties and be courageous. The singing was steady, the melody was melodious and the tones were full. The singers were standing gracefully and manly. The audience was deeply moved. The applause was thunderous.



Dance ‘Picturesque Land’ accompanied with magnificent music was choreographed by Wei Su, led by Tracy Lee and performed by 20 KCPA dancers. The choreography showed our love for Canada, our new beautiful homeland from east to west, from south to north, its kaleidoscopic spring, summer, autumn and winter, and its picturesque mountains and lakes! 



Dance "Blooming Flowers" by French School Horizon Jeunesse Dance Club


Women’s Chior: Beautiful Homeland

The melody ‘Beautiful Homeland’ showed that Canada is the beautiful homeland to us all of diverse ethnic backgrounds.



Marshall Dane and his band


Song & Dance: Wonderful Land & Wonderful People


Red River Valley is a traditional Canadian song which is widely loved in both Canada and China. The song expressed people’s nostalgia and love for their hometown through a beautiful girl who was about to leave her village.


Children’s dance ‘Leaping Fish’ expressed our children’s happy life in Canada.


Indian Classical Dance by Sampradaya Dance Creations


The Tibetan tap dance "Plateau" performed by more than 20 KCPA dancers, including Luan Aimin, Sun Shengying and others. The dancers jumped, kicked, leapt, and tapped to the unchained melody of the music. The dance movements were closely coordinated with the rhythm, showing the simplicity, kindness, bravery and enthusiasm of the Tibetan people.


Lively Polish folklore dance by Radosc-Joy Vocal-Dance Group


Song & Dance: Joyful Singing & Dancin



Duet: The Prayer


Mixed choir ‘Canada, My home!’ was a collaborative choir performance by 4 choir groups and 100 singers, led by Beckie Tan, Irene Zhang, Liu Yutong, Zhang Jianan. The entire performance was magnificent and stunning. The choir also sang ‘Ode to the Motherland’, led by Chao Yiping.


The co-sponsoring and participating groups and individuals include Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts (‘KCPA’), Halton Region Chinese Canadian Association, Louis Tsi, Yuan Yin Group, Waterloo Chinese Instrumental Music Group, Ecoles Le Flambeau et L’horizon Jeunesse, Sixteen-Mile Creek Troupe, Marshall Dane Band, Children MCs, Yang Yang Dance Studio, Samparadaya Dance Creations, Radosc Joy Vocal Dance Group, Xin Tian Di Choir, Mississauga Chinese Association, Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization Choir, Bo Le Education Children’s Choir & Vivian Liang, Tong Le Seniors Association, Jiahua Association, Fenghua Association, Mississauga Mandarin Association, and Burlington Redleaf Cultural Integration. Thanks to the concerted and joint efforts of everyone that made the Gala rich and colorful. The Gala also brought warmth to the heart to the audience.

Senator Victor Oh, Tanja Petosic from the Canadian Heritage Department, MP Omar Alghabra’s Assistant, Shawn Douglas and Jenny Qin, Officials of the Peel Region United Way, Chairs of co-organizing groups, and people from all walks of life in the local community were among the audience. Tanja Petosic, Project Manager, Ministry of Canadian Heritage, also brought a large number of Canada 150 souvenirs to the event. 


Great thanks to the federal government for providing financial support for this event.  Also thanks to our sponsor Respon International Group and CIBC Bank.


(Photos by photographers Michelle Xu, Harvey Zhang, David Liu, Quartz and Totem by Michael He, etc.)